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Woohoo! It has been announced that Stranger Things will be returning for a second season in 2017, which will come as the best news for all those who binge-watched season one and have been in withdrawal ever since. So in other words, pretty much everybody.

With a heavy dose of 1980’s sci-fi and horror nostalgia, Spielberg vibes and thrilling suspense, Stranger Things over the first eight hour-length episodes follows the search for 10 year old Will Byers, whose mysterious disappearance from a small town in Indiana one night appears to set off a series of strange happenings, sending his mother Joyce into hysteria whilst trying to find her son. Meanwhile Will’s friends Lucas, Dustin and Mike decide to go on their own quest to find him, and come across a strange young girl with a shaved head named Eleven.

If you haven’t yet watched the stand out series of the summer that seems to have taken the world by storm, what are you waiting for? Go, now! I’m serious. Before you know it you’ll have flown through season one, fallen in love with Dustin and feel left wanting needing more – trust me, it might just be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. And then you can come back and we can talk everything season 2!

Please do not read any further if you have not watched season one, as you will be spoilt – You’ve been warned.

What we know about season 2 so far

First things first, the trailer has now been released (Eeep!) and it does a good job of revealing little, simply telling us the names of each episode of the nine that there will be. Yes that’s right, we get one more episode than season one *happy dances*

  • Madmax
  • The Boy Who Came Back To Life
  • The Pumpkin Patch
  • The Palace
  • The Storm
  • The Pollywog
  • The Secret Cabin
  • The Brain
  • The Lost Brother

Season one ended on a cliff-hanger that suggests the Upside Down would continue to play a part in the character’s lives and left us with a bundle of questions that we hope to get answers to, and that we just might, as The Duffer brothers have said that what they wanted to do with the next season is “to explore the repercussions of everything that happened”, and that the follow up will be more of a “sequel” than a “second season”.

One of the greatest things about this show is its awesome cast of characters, and I’m so happy that many of them have been confirmed to return for the second season, as well as a handful of new additions. It has also been said that it will be set a year on from the events of season one in the fall of 1984, which will be interesting to see what has happened to these characters in the space of a year.

If you are like me, then the finale of season one left you with endless questions that you are dying to get answers to, so here are a few of my own that I hope will be answered in season two…

Does Chief Hopper know that Eleven is alive?

In the final episode, Eleven disappears after she steps up to use her powers to destroy a monster. But where did she go, and is she still alive? We are led to believe that Chief Hopper thinks so, as we see him leaving Eggos, her favourite snack, in a box in the woods. This box is empty when he arrives, which makes you wonder if he has he been doing this for a while, and the empty box suggests that someone has been taking the food, presumably Eleven. Unless there’s an Eggo loving Demogorgon of course.

If Eleven is in fact still alive, does this then mean that the monster could be too?

Will still seems to have a connection to the ‘Upside Down’

In one of the very last scenes of the finale, Will has been rescued and returned home, but something is still not quite right. We see him leave the dinner table to ‘wash his hands’ and instead throws up a slug into the sink and we get a flash of the Upside Down. There is no denying Will is still connected to the Upside Down in some way or his time there still affects him, and I cannot wait to see the result of this in the next series. So the big question here is what exactly happened to him in the Upside down? Has he now become some kind of portal between the two dimensions, or is his body inhabited by a creature? And also, that slug – if it is anything to worry about – has just escaped into the real world. Whatever happened, it can’t of been good.

How did Eleven become part of this particular program, and if she is the 11th person, what happened to the ten before her?

This is the question that I want answered the most, what is the deal with Eleven? It is clear she is part of some kind of program that creates experiments and her abilities are being tested, but we still don’t know exactly what for and if there are others like her being treated the same way. Her name would suggest that she is the eleventh test subject, so were or are there ten before her, and are there more like her after? There are so many unanswered questions about her origins that we just need to know

What was the deal Hopper made with Brenner?

In the finale, it appears that Hopper has offered information about Eleven’s whereabouts in exchange for being allowed to rescue Will, yet we don’t know exactly what was said, and would Hopper really give her up so easily, just like that?

How will Barb get justice?

We now know that Barb is dead and will most likely not return. I’m sorry, it’s true and Matt Duffer has confirmed it. We last saw her lifeless in the Upside Down with slugs coming from her mouth, and whilst the focus was on rescuing Will, it seemed Barb was almost forgotten and ignored. However, Matt has said “Barb will not be forgotten,” he said. “We’ll make sure there’s some justice for Barb.”

Is Brenner Eleven’s father?

Dr. Martin Brenner seems to be in charge of the facility that masquerades as the Department of Energy, the one that held and ends up searching for Eleven. Throughout the show she refers to Brenner as Papa, but we don’t know if he is her real father or maybe something she was conditioned to call him. Some fans have the theory that Hopper is the father; however we learn that Terry Ives (Eleven’s implied mother) had an apparent miscarriage whist volunteering for MKUltra experiments, which makes Brenner a little more likely, or it could be somebody else entirely that we haven’t met yet. Oh Season 2, do tell.

I honestly cannot wait for another dose of Stranger Things, and I can’t wait to see what the Duffer Brothers come up with for season two. I’ll be waiting!


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